Audrey needs a cover!


The third and final book in my Rhode Island Romance series – Audaciously Audrey – will make its debut this spring. Will you please help me choose a cover? Those of you who’ve read the first two books, If Ever I Fall and Chasing Julia, may recall Audrey King, the fifty-something jewelry designer who played a well-meaning matchmaker (along with her three cohorts) for both Willa and Julia. I hadn’t planned to add another book to the Rhode Island Romance series, but Audrey has been prodding me for a while now to tell her story. I’d never written a romance with a fifty-something woman as the heroine. As I wrote, Audrey’s encouraging words to Willa in If Ever I Fall were sounding in my head: “Just think of what an amazing and wonderful challenge that would be.”  And it has been! Audrey is quite a woman. To give you an idea, if you’re not familiar with either story, here’s a glimpse of Audrey from a scene in If Ever I Fall:

“If only I was twenty years younger,” Shirley said with a mournful sigh after the laughter had died down. “I’d be all over that Tony like butter on toast.”

“Who says you need to be twenty years younger?” Audrey asked, smoothing a hand over her sleek blond hair.

Of the four women, Audrey was what Collette called the “sophisticated one.” Tall, slender, polished and poised, she had the bone structure of Audrey Hepburn and the voice and mannerisms of Kathleen Turner. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, she’d left for New York to start her own jewelry design company, which she’d since moved to Rhode Island. She had a factory in Pawtucket and a retail shop on Thayer Street in Providence.

Audrey is a strong, independent woman. A romance gone wrong during her college years is hinted at it Chasing Julia; she’s adamant that she never had any desire to “settle down.” Over the years, she’s enjoyed the occasional fling. When she’s not busy with her jewelry design business, she loves spending time with her friends, drinking wine, sharing good times and bad, gossip, tears and laughter. When I came across the model in the covers below, I shouted: “That’s her!” But I can’t decide which cover I like more. Can you help? Please let me know which mock-up – A or B – you like best in the comments. I’m sending the same request to my newsletter followers, but I wanted to give my blog and Goodreads peeps an opportunity to opine. I’ll likely be changing background colors and other minor details; I just want to know which photo you like best. Thank you kindly for your valuable input!